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Our Values

A child is doing a classification exercise called "Land, Air and Water". The child is classifying objects that go on the land, in the air or in the water.


We are dedicated to providing each child with an authentic Montessori experience. 

Child Centered

The child is at the centre of everything we do; they are at the core of the Prepared Environment. Everything that we do as a school community is for the betterment of the child. We commit to prioritizing the best interest of the child above all else. 

A picture of three toddler aged children sitting on foam cars.
A picture of several preschool aged children rolling up work mats on the floor.


We aim to create a strong sense of community amongst our children, their families and our employees.

unnamed9 (2).jpg


We work to provide a safe and inclusive community for our children, their families and our employees.

A Casa aged student teaching a younger student about the life cycle of the butterfly.
A Casa aged child completing the puzzle map of North America.


We vow to always guide our children towards independence. 

Lifelong Learning

Montessori education is not simply about teaching children how to read and write. Rather, it is education for life. We commit to helping the child to developing a passion for learning and a desire to continually develop and grow in each stage of his/her life. 

A child is washing his Little Tikes push car.
A preschool aged child is clapping his hands after completing the  "elastic board" work.


We strive to work tirelessly in order to ignite within each child a passion for learning. 


We strive to promote an environment that emanates peace -- whether it be inner peace, peace in the classroom environment or peace in our community. 

A picture of the Montessori "Peace Table"'; it includes a book about Maria Montessori, a red rose, a sand timer and finger labyrinth.
Four preschool aged children are helping to lift and move a table in their classroom.


We value respecting each individual's values and belief systems. It is only when respect is shown, that peace can be achieved. 

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