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The only authentic Montessori School in Niagara Falls.

Welcome to BMN and thank you for your interest in our growing school community! Established in 2022, we are the first and only authentic Montessori school in Niagara Falls. 

Open and clean Montessori classroom with wooden shelves and activities

Our Mission 

Bee Montessori Niagara’s mission is to provide exemplary Montessori education that ignites within each child a passion for learning, while preparing active, well-informed leaders of tomorrow. Montessori moves beyond educating the child on language and arithmetic and prepares him/her for life. It is education for life.

Our Vision

It is Bee Montessori Niagara’s vision to aid the children, through the use of the carefully prepared environment, to become independent thinkers, who take responsibility for their own learning. It is this environment that, through its beauty, evokes within the child a desire to learn and to later evolve into lifelong learners who are responsible, active and engaged citizens of the world.

A child smiling at a stacked cylinder tower

Our Values

Here is what is important to us ... 






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our values here.

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CCMA Applicant Member

In order to fulfill our mission of providing authentic Montessori education, BMN will work towards becoming an Accredited Montessori School (a 3- 5 year process). This is a qualification that families should look for when seeking out Montessori education for their child(ren).

Why BMN?

As caretakers, we want to give our child(ren) the best educational opportunities to ensure

that they will thrive at their fullest potential from now through adulthood. Montessori provides the child with the best possible start in life. Montessori moves beyond educating the child on

language and arithmetic and prepares him/her for life. It is education for life.

We offer ... 

Authentic Montessori Education

BMN’s founders are MACTE accredited Casa teachers who possess over a decade of experience in the Montessori Prepared Environment. These women are passionate about the Montessori philosophy, and are thrilled at the prospect of introducing this world-class educational experience to the families of the Niagara Region.

Individualized Education That Meet Your Child's Needs

Your child's education should be as unique as they are. Our individualized lesson plans allow your child to learn and grow at his/her/their pace.   

Small Class Sizes

Smaller class sizes allow for more one on one guidance to help your child reach their fullest potential. 

A holistic, well-rounded approach to education

We don't just focus on reading and writing ... we provide each child with opportunities to not only develop real-life, practical skills but to also grow into confident, compassionate and responsible members of their classroom community. The skills, tools and knowledge that our children acquire with us will take them through life. We provide education FOR life. 

A young child meditating with legs crossed and at peace

Meet Our Staff

The Portage Road Team


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